• Do you have a diverse pool of applicants?

    Yes, Ara’s pool of candidates is very diverse. We have candidates with a wide range of skills, qualities and experience.

  • How can my company recruit through Ara?

    By completing our online form – click on ‘Staff  Looking for staff’. This will send your details through to Ara who will make contact with you. Alternatively, you can make direct contact with Ara by calling the general query line: 09 917 7751.

  • What other services can you provide?

    Ara not only offers recruitment and connecting services, we also have a training arm that is available for all employers involved with Auckland Airport’s development programme.

  • Where do Ara candidates come from?

    Majority of the Ara candidates reside within local areas surrounding Auckland Airport. We do have some candidates come to Ara from outside South Auckland, seeking opportunities at and around the airport precinct.


  • Do you recruit just for the airport area?

    No, even though majority of our jobs are located within the airport precinct, we also have other potential opportunities within the surrounding areas.

  • How is my information protected?

    We respect that all aspects of your personal information and job searching efforts are highly personal. Access to your information is via username and password through our protected database.

  • Is there a fee to access Ara services?

    There is no fee in order for Ara to assist you.

  • What is a skills broker?

    An Ara skills broker is someone that works with local people to connect them to local employers to secure employment.

  • What is involved in the recruitment process?

    An employer will inform Ara of employment opportunities, Ara will advertise this, screen potential candidates and arrange interviews for the employer. The employer will then make their decision from there.

  • Who is Ara?

    Ara is a joint initiative between Auckland Airport, the South Auckland community, employers, government and training agencies. Ara creates pathways to sustainable work in South Auckland by connecting employers at Auckland Airport with South Aucklanders looking for work. Ara also helps to upskill the current workforce at the airport.

Success stories

Our goal is to help South Aucklanders into long term jobs at and around Auckland Airport. Ara is a joint initiative between the South Auckland community, government agencies, training providers and employers.

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"I applied for 100 jobs in the space of 12 months. To meet the Ara team and get a job in three days is just amazing."

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Tony Morrison

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