Fire Safety & Fire Warden

US 18408, 3271 & 4647

Per person

Fire Safety & Fire Warden

1 Day course



This course is mainly theory based however, you will be required to demonstrate fire safety within a controlled outdoor fire situation.

This course covers the following unit standards: 

  • Unit Standard: 18408 - Demonstrate knowledge of fire and emergency warden duties in the workplace
  • Unit Standard: 3271 - Suppress fire with hand extinguishers and fixed hose reels
  • Unit Standard: 4647 - Explain principles of fire science


Training timeframe is as follows:

  • Reporting Time: 7:00am
  • Training Begins: 7:15am
  • Training Ends: 3:00pm  

All trainees are required to wear standard PPE gear


Refreshers: Recommended to refresh every 2 years



  • Trainees must be 16 years of age or over to attend.
  • Prices are subject to change.
  • Every attempt is made to deliver training at the Jobs & Skills Hub. Some specialist training requiring specific equipment may need to be held off site and the hub may also need to access the use of public courses as / when required in order to meet training requirement.
  • Set conditions around participant information, payment, booking and condition terms apply (may differ depending on training provider).


Available dates

  • Enquire for the next available training date


Are you not the manager but would like to attend this course? Please talk to your manager and ask them to sign you up.

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