Ara Student Graduation 2017

Ara Student Graduation 2017

Over the last 8 months we have had a total of 70 students from 5 of the local high schools come to Ara once a week to complete their work experience which linked in with their trade qualifications as well assisted in them gaining a better understanding of the working world and the various areas of the construction industry.

Great outcomes have been achieved since the completion of the work experience programme, which was acknowledged at the 2017 Ara Work Experience Graduation for the students held on 19 October 2017.

Huge THANK YOU to everyone that attended - from the students, their friends and family to the Auckland Airport and all the wonderful Employers/Contractors that have helped develop and maintain this programme!!!

This was an amazing event! Can't wait to see what the new year brings for everyone!



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Our goal is to help South Aucklanders into long term jobs at and around Auckland Airport. Ara is a joint initiative between the South Auckland community, government agencies, training providers and employers.

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"I applied for 100 jobs in the space of 12 months. To meet the Ara team and get a job in three days is just amazing."

Tony Morrison

Tony Morrison

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